School that offer Online Master’s Degree in Business Management

Education is important part in our life. Without good education we will be having a lot of difficulties in finding good job and career that can support our living expenses. Due to this reason, many people try their best to improve their education by earning master degree as it will make them a more reliable candidate as an employee.

There are many or different kind variety of master degree that can help us get a better career. However among all of them master degree in business management is quite popular. Especially with the rising of school that offer online master’s degree in business management right now.

School that offer Online Master’s Degree in Business Management

You read that right, there are actually many school that offer online master’s degree in business management in this modern day. The rise itself caused by the demand of employee that have specific skills in business management. Especially because business management is an important part in any company right now. Of course, even if there are many of these school, we need to choose one that offer us advantages and has been accredited just like several examples that we will be discussing next.

University of Bath Online

University of Bath Online is one of the examples of school that offer online master’s degree in business management. Using online learning or distance study, this school offer many kinds of advantages as well benefits for people who want to study business management. Taking the program in this school will allow you to have many future career related to business management such as operations manager, project manager, business consultant, and other.

Additionally, you will learn specific subject as well general subject related to business management. For examples, study about research, business management, leadership, team management, critical thinking, and business strategy. All of these will develop you as a leader that can work in a team even in a competitive and pressure environment. The tuition cost of this program is around 840 poundsterling with a total amount of 180 credits to graduate.

Vilnius University

Next School that offering online master’s degree in business management for its student are Vilnius University. This university located in Vilnius Lithuania, with English as primary language. The tuition cost of this university is around EURO 5000. Student will be able to enjoy distance learning or online study. Additionally, the student can also finish this school in just 3 semesters, making it a recommended choice if you want to pick a business degree in a minimal time.

The benefits you can get if enrolling in this program are quite many. From professional internship that allow you to work as an intern in some prestigious company in Lithuania or oversea, Lectures that are expert on the business fields and can develop your skills in the business fields. With all of these benefits the graduate of this program can become an individual that have the appropriate skills and experience in business fields.

International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

International Telematic University UNINETTUNO is one of the university that also offer online master’s degree in business management. One of the main reason that this school are highly recommended is the tuition fees that can be considered not too pricey. For a year, student can pay a total tuition cost of EURO 2200 with the total duration of the programs that take 2 years of time.

Enrolling in this school of business will develop student into a qualified professional for business fields. With technological and managerial skills that can work in competitive environment but can still work in team without any difficulty. Student will also learn a variety of courses from business management, economic, organization, leadership, accounting and also stock management. All of these will improve the student skills to pursue their future career in business fields.

IU International University of Applied Sciences-Online

The fourth recommendation in the online master’s degree in business management is IU International University of Applied Sciences. Just as the name implies, this university are online with flexible program schedule. The program duration that you can choose itself divided into 1 years to 2 years. This university also known to be one of the most well-known online university in business due to its high rate of employment where almost 95% of their graduates will get job within several months of their graduation.

As implied before, this school programs offer a flexible scheduling where you can start study anytime. This means you can easily apply the class schedule to your daily schedule without having to change it further. For you who are interested in taking this program. You need to take 60 credits in order to graduate additionally, you also need to pay the tuition cost of EURO 2500.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

Finally, we also have Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. This university, just as other school mentioned above also offer online master’s degree in business management. Student will learn about subjects related to improving the skills in business management. In addition to that, student can choose a specific specialization in business. This ranges from game business management, master of engineering, and master of business administration.

For student that are interested in taking part of this school will need to enroll for 2 years or 1,5 year to finish the program. The tuition cost itself are EURO 11500 for one year which means for 2 years student need to prepare EURO 23000 in total. This university also offer several interesting benefits as internship to improve the real life experiences of the student.

These are 5 of the most recommended school that offer us online master’s degree in business management that we can compile for you. All of them are good and have their unique advantages and also benefits. Therefore, if you interested in taking the path of business then you only need to choose one school that you like the best and prepare yourself for a journey to get a degree in business management that can also enhance your career.