Online Colleges that Offer Criminal Justice Degree and Education

If we are talking about crime, we cannot neglect that it has been quite high in this day. Due to this reason, many department in the government that related to crime such as law enforcement, court and other usually need a high number of employee. Therefore, job in the law enforcement can be considered as a good prospect for our future career.

Of course, being employed by the government in law enforcement institutional if not easy, we need proper degree for it. However, due to the advancement of technology getting degree in criminal justice is actually not that hard, especially with the popularity online colleges that offer criminal justice education programs.

Five Online Colleges that offer criminal justice education and degree

There are many colleges that offer criminal justice program. However if we want to look for colleges that offer online program then it will not be too many. Especially if we are looking for online colleges that has been accredited. Luckily for you, we are here to help you finding online colleges that offer criminal justice education and degree. In this article specifically we will give your five in total recommendation of colleges with online feature that also offer criminal justice program and degree for you who want to work in criminal justice department or in law enforcement institutional.

United Tribes of Technical College

One of the online colleges that offer criminal justice programs that are recommended is the United Tribes Technical College. This college located in Bismarck, North Dakota and provides its student with a comprehension of criminal justice subject from criminology theory, technology used in the criminal justice, professional conduct of law enforcement and many more.

Student will need to complete a total of 121 credits in order to graduate from this program. For the credit cost itself, this university will cost you around $115 to $200 for each credits. Student will also need to take real life courses such as court processing and also media relation in order to develop their skills as a qualified individual in the criminal justice fields.

Texas A&M University Commerce

Second is the Texas A&M University Commerce. As the name implies this university are located in Commerce, Texas, this university is one of the online colleges that offer criminal justice education. This school also taking major emphasis in leadership on law enforcement where student will learn about digital crimes, community trust building and ethical policing.

However, what make this university pretty unique compared to other school in this list is the asynchronous course. This allow the student to finish the program or assignment given according to the student pace making this program a very flexible one in terms of schedules. For the credit percost itself, student will need to pay an amount of $67 per credit for in state student while out of state student will need a total amount of $133 per credits. Total of credits that need to be taken for the student to graduate are 120 credits.

Methodist University

Methodist University is one of the online colleges that offer criminal justice education program. Also known as MU, the criminal justice education in this school will be discussing regarding the subject of criminality itself which is the criminal. Where student will learn about behavior of the criminal and what causes them to do the crimes in the first place. Student will also get many interesting benefits and activity from seminar, practicum and also online courses.

In this school, student of criminal justice program will not only learn about crime related subject. There are also other minor subject that can expand student knowledge and education which in some cases may prove useful to support the crime related subject. The minor subject itself ranges from marketing, business administration and marketing. Finally, to graduate in this program student will need to take 124 credits with cost per credit of $440 for both out of state and also in state student. However, to make things better, there are also transfer credit policy for a total 93 credits which can help capable student to finish the program faster.

Georgia State University

In the fourth place of the recommended online colleges that offer criminal justice education program are Georgia State University. This university offer a unique blend between modern technology and theory in criminal justice with traditional ideas of criminal justice. This will expand the student knowledge and education regarding criminal justice subject allowing them to think outside the box and develop them into a qualified professional in the subject.

Student can also get a unique chance to be an intern in hundreds of participating agencies. This ranges from mental health, law institution and police or law enforcement where you can develop and practice your skills in real life situation. For you who are interested in this program, you need to pay $300 per credits. However, if you are out of state student, then the price for each credits will be higher for $940. The total credits you need to take itself are the 120 credits.

Lewis University

The last online colleges that offer criminal justice education program is Lewis University. Lewis University provide the student with courses such as criminology, ethical issues, justice policies and also community policing and trust building. With a cost of $445 per credits, this school will offer a total 8 week courses which is designed specifically for working professional and also adults which means it is pretty flexible and can be adapted easily to our daily life schedule. Student also need to complete for 128 total credits in order to graduate from this program.

Enrolling in some of the recommended online colleges that offer criminal justice above will help you to find your dream job in the criminal justice department and law enforcement. Because all of the skills and theory as well experience that you get will make you a qualified professional in the criminal justice fields of work. This can help you to further develop your career in this field and make your future even brighter.