List of Recommended Online Colleges for Criminology

Crime is one of the most troublesome problems in this world. In the present day, the rising of crime related case has been really concerning. From petty crimes such as thievery to big time crimes such as murder, trafficking and illegal drugs. All of these crimes of course are being handled by law enforcement. However with the high rate of the crime itself, the law enforcement had quite a hard time dealing with all of these crimes in one time. Therefore, it is quite normal for the law enforcement to seek help from fresh graduate in online colleges for criminology.

The reason on why people in the law enforcement seek new candidate from people who has been studying criminology is because there are many things that need to be known in dealing with crimes. People who has been studying in criminology or finishing online colleges for criminology will have the necessary skills and knowledge to solve crime case in the best possible way without breaking rules or human rights.

People who graduate from colleges for criminology is known as Criminologist. These people will have the needs and skill to prevent crime, understanding criminal behavior and also investigate the patterns in a crime. In this present day online colleges for criminology are quite popular among students. The reason is because it offer various exciting programs that we can learn regarding crime itself. For examples, studying criminology will allow you to understand and investigate the real causes of one crimes. Additionally it will allow us to comprehend criminal behaviors as well factors that can be linked to it such as psychological factor. Finally, by comprehend the crime itself, it will allow us to prevent crime to happen in the first place.

Recommended Online Colleges for Criminology

Studying criminology is quite easy this day, due to the popularity of online college. Yes, online college for criminology is one of the popular degree that people trying to finish. By finishing this degree we can work as criminologist, profiler and also analyst. But that is not the only benefit you can reap from studying under this degree. You can also expand your knowledge and connection to the world of law enforcement as you will meet people who work for DEA, FBI, and Police Department to learn more from them. If you meet the requirements and skills you can even work under those federal law enforcement.

Of course, before you prepare yourself to embark on a mission to become a criminologist in law enforcement you need to find the right online colleges for criminology that offer the most complete subject that deal with crimes. In this article we will try to list some of the best online criminology programs that can help you achieve your dreams to become a criminologist, here they are:

Fresno Pacific University

The first recommended Online colleges for criminology is Fresno Pacific University which also known as FPU. FPU online bachelor degree in criminology is a flexible program. The classes itself are scheduled in the evenings once a week which will allow you to study easily without having the schedule clashing with other activity or work that you have.

FPU will allow you to learn from various topic such as conflict transformation, corrections and also victimology. This program has an average cost of $33,000 for undergrad tuition and one credit cost of $525

University of North Carolina Wilmington

The second recommendation for online colleges for criminology is the UNCW or University of North Carolina Wilmington. This university offer an online criminology degree which also have many kinds of benefits. Some of the benefits that you can get range from internship, a chance to work with Professional and experienced Law Enforcement in State Bureau of investigation, Juvenile Service center and Sherif Department. Additionally, in the class you will also learn regarding social research fundamentals and its relation with crimes as well sociological analyst about criminology.

If you are interested to study under this faculty then you need to prepare $4500 for its undergrad tuition if you are in-state or $19000 if you are out of state. Last but not least you need 120 credits to graduate and the cost of each credits are $210 if you are in state while you are out of state you need around $870 per credits.

University of Missouri-Kansas

The next online colleges for criminology is University of Missouri Kansas City which also known as UMKC. This online bachelor degree program offer subject that cover the criminal justice systems, its structure as well how it function. Additionally we can also learn about justice and crime research as well theories regarding how crime and deviance can be prevented.

Undergrad tuition for this online university cost of $9600 (inside state) and $26500 (outside state). The cost for the credit on the other hand are the same for both in state and out state which is $427 per credit.

University of Florida Online

Last but not least in this list is the University of Florida or UF Online. This bachelor degree program offer a pretty advanced classes which cover law and its connection with society and legal practice as well the core principles in criminal justice. This degree offer a certain kinds of flexibility that allow the student to choose different kinds of electives that tailored with your needs and interest.

The cost for its undergrad tuition is also pretty low compared to other option in this list. The in state cost $3400 while the out state cost $15000. The cost per credit are $130 (in state) and $553 (out state).

And there you go, several of the best Online colleges for criminology that you can try. By achieving bachelor degree in this field you will not only capable to help law enforcement dealing with crime related problems but can also help society a better place. Just make sure you choose the right faculty that can help you expand your knowledge in criminology as well choose one that suitable with your budget because different faculty have different tuition cost.